Mental Health

Corryong Mental Health is a recovery-oriented mental health service that aims to:

  • develop and draw on its own expertise and resources as well as the experiences and resources of people with lived experience of mental health issues
  • support people as they take responsibility for and reclaim an active role in their life, mental health and wellbeing
  • support people to embrace their strengths, resilience and inherent capacity for living a full and meaningful life of their choosing
  • support local communities to accept, welcome and include people with mental health issues
  • embrace and enable people with mental health issues, their families and their communities to
  • interact and draw benefit from one another through a number of community engagement activities
  • recognise the possibility that anyone accessing the service may have unresolved trauma underlying their mental distress.

Our multidisciplinary services are dedicated to ensuring that people are supported through their journey of the health service with an integrated approach for the best possible treatment outcomes.

Are you Struggling?


Reinforcing our Commitment


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