Allied Health

Allied Health includes a range of Health Professionals who provide therapy and diagnostic services to assist you to manage your health and wellbeing. They work across Corryong Health in the hospital, residential aged care, outpatients and community. Allied Health Professionals work collaboratively with your Doctor and other health providers


Allied Health Assistants work under the direction of the Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Podiatrist, Exercise Physiologist or other visiting allied health professionals such as the Dietician or Speech Pathologist, in the delivery of service to clients. Their roles include the running of group programs, organising aids and equipment for clients or supervision of individual programs prescribed by the Allied Health professional. The Active Service Model of keeping people active is a core part of our approach.

    Diabetes Education

    A Credentialed Diabetes Educator works in the medical clinic on Thursdays and Fridays co-operatively with the doctors, practice nurses and specialists to assist in the care of and coordination for people diagnosed with diabetes and those diagnosed with pre-diabetes (impaired fasting glucose and impaired glucose intolerance). The Educator also helps people diagnosed with diabetes learn more about diabetes and how to care for themselves.

    Education includes:

    • Understanding what diabetes is and the impact it has on your body
    • What to eat to improve your diabetes control and general health
    • Benefits of regular exercise
    • How to stay healthy and manage your blood glucose control
    • Understanding the medications that your doctor has prescribed you
    • What to do when or if you get sick

    This combined holistic approach ensures best practices are maintained and that our patients are cared for as individuals within a caring environment.

    A fee is charged for services. This may be subsided by the use of Team Care arrangements under a GP Management Plan or through My Aged Care funding. Bookings are made by phoning Medical Clinic on (02) 6076 3200.

      Exercise Physiology

      An Exercise Physiologist is a healthcare professional who provides assessment, exercise prescription and advice to people to assist them to manage chronic conditions and prevent injuries.  Corryong Health’s exercise physiology service works with people individually and in groups, who have or are recovering from a range of conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neuromuscular disorders, musculoskeletal ailments, cancer, depression, people living with disability and those at increased risk of falling.

      The Exercise Physiologist is available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  A fee is charged for services. These may be subsidised by the use of Team Care arrangements under a GP Management Plan, through My aged Care for Community Home Service P (CHSP), National Disability Insurance Scheme and the Victorian government through the Life! program.

      Bookings can be made by ringing the Corryong Health Reception on (02) 6076 3200.

        Medical Imaging

        Medical Imaging at Corryong Health aims to provide quality imaging in a timely manner, without the need for travel. We provide quality x-ray and ultrasound services to our community members, regardless of age. Our hours are Monday 9am-4pm, Tuesday 9am-12pm, Thursday 9am-3pm as well as 24/7 on call services.

        Appointments require a referral and bookings can be made via reception. Please contact (02) 6076 3290 to arrange an appointment.

        Occupational Therapy

        Disability, illness or impairment can impact on a person’s ability to look after themselves and to participate in everyday activities, including work, rest and play.

        An Occupational Therapist (OT) works with people to maximise their independence and ability to engage in work, rest and play.  Our service works with clients in and out of their home using a holistic approach. We see clients of all ages but children are generally referred to regional centres.

        At Corryong Health, our OT staff can assist with:

        • Case management for clients with chronic health issues and complex needs.
        • Prescribing appropriate Aids and Equipment,
        • Developing therapy interventions
        • Providing recommendations on home modifications to improve access and accessibility.
        • Cognitive Screening Assessments
        • Falls Risk Assessments
        • Workplace assessments
        • Hand Therapy
        • Providing consumer, family/carer education and support
        • Health coaching
        • Rehabilitation
        • Individual health promotion
        • Advocating for the client

        A fee is charged for services. This may be subsided by the use of Team Care arrangements under a GP Management Plan, through My Aged Care funding for Community Home Service Provision (CHSP) or National Disability Insurance Scheme.

        For more information please phone (02) 6076 3200.


        Physiotherapy services assist people with movement disorders which may be acquired from accidents or injuries (such as motor vehicle accidents, sporting or work injuries) or from life changing major events (such as stroke or disease of the nervous system). Physiotherapy is also concerned with health promotion and prevention of injury and disease.

        The Physiotherapist will assess, diagnose and explain your problem to you, and will work with you to develop a treatment plan.

        Our service can also provide mobility aid prescription and advise on the purchase of equipment, e.g. knee or wrist braces. The service provides CAM boot fitting on referral.

        At Corryong Health, Physiotherapy services are available for inpatients, residents and community clients and includes individual and groups programs.

        A fee is charged for outpatient services. This may be subsided by the use of Team Care arrangements under a GP Management Plan, through My Aged Care funding for Community Home Service Provision (CHSP) or National Disability Insurance Scheme, Work cover or TAC.

        You can be referred by another Health Professional or self-refer.  Please contact Reception on (02) 6076 3200 for more information.


        Podiatry is a service that assesses, diagnoses, treats and manages conditions of the foot and ankle. Corryong Health podiatry is available to manage skin and nail conditions including ingrown toenail procedures as well as complete diabetes/ foot assessments, fit and prescribe orthotics. The podiatrist is available Monday, Thursday and Friday each week.
        There is a fee for podiatry, this may be subsided by the use of NDIS, Team Care arrangements under a GP Management Plan or through My Aged Care funding for Community Home Service Provision (CHSP).

        There is also satellite podiatry service available through the Rural Allied Health team from Albury Wodonga Health. A referral by My Aged Care is required for this service. Bookings can be made by phoning reception on (02) 6076 3200.

        Social Worker

        Social workers work with individuals, families and groups to encourage social change and empowerment. At a practical level this involves supporting people to overcome barriers to achieving physical and emotional health and includes a wide range of possible support. These include but are not limited to;

        • Supporting families and carers with forms and processes such as NDIS, My Aged Care, State Trustees or Centrelink applications
        • Linking people with appropriate services and supporting them with issues such as transport and fees
        • Access to Foodshare (food bank) and financial counselling
        • Providing case management to support clients with complex needs
        • Providing psychological support through individual counselling

        If you would like to contact the social worker, please call directly on (02) 6076 3200.