Coming to Hospital

Visitors should :

  • not visit if they are unwell and wear a mask if in doubt. Masks are available at each entrance.
  • wash or sanitize their hands after holding railings and every time they enter and exit the patients / residents room
  • limit movement around the facility as much as possible
  • limit the number of personal items they bring into the facility
  • follow rules about wearing specific masks, gloves or gowns if requested by staff.
  • be conscious to keep well ventilated the visiting area(s). Open windows and doors to provide natural ventilation, provided outdoor temperature is suitable.
  • be aware that if there is an outbreak at Corryong Health, additional temporary restrictions will apply under guidance of the Local Public Health Unit (LPHU) as needed.
  • Corryong Health staff will help you follow these conditions to help keep your family members or friends safe.