Health Care Worker

Location: Corryong VIC, Australia
Job Type: Permanent Part Time or Trainee Option Negotiable

About the Role:

Corryong Health are looking for passionate Health Care Workers to support Urgent Care, Acute & Residential Care services. Casual or part time positions, up to 72 hours per fortnight. For all enquiries please contact the Director of Clinical Services and Nursing, Sharon Edmondson via email [email protected]


  • The HCW is responsible for the delivery of care to residents within their scope of practice 

  • The HCW will at all times liaise with and assist the Registered Nurses in attending to more complex residents 

  • The HCW will have a resident allocation as deemed applicable at the team meeting each morning shift and is accountable for the knowing that care is provided, documented appropriately, shared with the team and reported to the following shift team 

  • The HCW will contribute to the team environment 

  • Will administer medications under the direct and indirect supervision of the Registered Nurse 

  • The HCW may only be delegated to administer medication to a resident who has been assessed as stable by the Registered Nurse 

  • The HCW cannot administer intramuscular, subcutaneous or intravenous medications 

  • The HCW cannot check medications for administrations 

  • The HCW cannot count the S8 and S4D medication in the Drugs of Addiction Administration books with a Registered Nurse 

  • HCW’s will be responsible for the supervision of resident’s taking oral medications from a Webster Pak inhalation medication and can apply topical lotions and ointment 

  • The HCW must report immediately to the Registered Nurse if they cannot administer medications to a resident 

  • If the resident requires a PRN medication then the HCW must consult with the Registered Nurse or the NUM 

  • All non-packed medications must be administered by a Registered Nurse or an Enrolled Nurse 

  • Team work is essential so that all staff complete the shift together

About the Agency:

Corryong Health (CH) is a public sector agency and one of six multi-purpose services in Victoria. CH is funded by Commonwealth and Victorian State Government funding, and provides a broad range of hospital, residential aged care, medical and primary health and community support services. We provide services to the Corryong community and operate a Medical Clinic, Health and Fitness Centre and Retirement Village.

Our values are a core element at Corryong Health. All employees are required to uphold our values and to comply with the behaviours in relation to them. Our values provide guidelines on how employees at Corryong Health must behave.

The Sense of Community

Our community places trust in us and this must be reciprocated – with respect, compassion and through our inclusive relationships.

Equity and Fairness

We adapt to meet individuals’ needs and being transparent in our approach.

Growth and Development

We do our best to learn and promote a learning culture, insuring the highest contemporary standards of service for our clients.


We provide non-judgmental, confidential, effective and efficient health care.


Application for employment:

Request a call back by completing the form. Alternatively you can email [email protected]

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