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Together, Strengthening the Health of Our Community

The origins of the Health Service date back to 1897 when plans to build the Corryong Cottage Hospital were conceived. 

In 1902 the foundation stone was laid for what then became known as the Victoria Cottage Hospital. In 1916 the foundation stone of the present hospital was laid. Over the years, the number of acute beds rose to its peak of forty-two in the 1960’s and on 5th November 1983 the Upper Murray Nursing Home, a 20-bed high aged care facility, was opened.

In the early 1990’s the Agency took the opportunity to apply to be funded under the Multi-Purpose Program. This was to enable a more flexible and responsive service to be developed that would met the changing needs of our isolated rural community. In 1995 the Services was renamed Upper Murray Health & Community Services and commenced operation as a Multi-Purpose Service (MPS).

In 2017 Upper Murray Health and Community Services with a huge amount of community consultation, changed its name to Corryong Health to make us an easier provider to find for people searching for services in our community.

Today, Corryong Health is a highly integrated and considerably larger organisation providing a broad range of hospital, residential aged care, medical and primary health and community support services. The service also operates a Medical Clinic, Health and Fitness Centre, and Retirement Village.

Our Health Service is truly responsive to the community’s needs.